Art Prints: Women Portraits

This project is an exploration of women portraits. I have attempted to highlight the character of each female by her body language, poise and fashion choices. Theme of these illustrations is inspired from the current events around us. Art is after all, depiction of the society as we see it.

This exercise helped me to visualise the illustrations on various platforms, for example editorial use for web and print as well as art prints for home decor and gifts. This is a self initiated exercise, with the goal of learning female portraits and getting accustomed to the procreate app as a medium.

The content in the mockups is written by myself.

Time line: 2 weeks

Created: Procreate app on Ipad, using brushes from the app

As women and young girls, we have to invest that time in getting to understand who we are and liking who we are.

By Michelle Obama, Source:

Illustrations on multiple platforms

Art prints


Editorial illustrations

Editorial illustration on decrease in pollution levels during Covid-19 for web
Editorial illustration on body positivity for web
Editorial illustration for magazine

Source of mockup- /

Content is used for mockup purpose only. Refer to


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