Postcard Set: Quarantine Memoir

Covid-19 came into our lives and changed how we live. It has changed our lives, for a few months or a few years or forever is something we don’t really know right now. The abstract idea of this pandemic started as a joke and soon became a never ending panic for most of us.

In these first few months of nation wide lockdown, I documented my thoughts with illustrations. This self project took the shape of postcards with a small story that inspired it.

A set of 11 postcards illustrated with thoughts and observations from everyday.

Scroll to bottom to see original illustrations!

I feel lucky to have the liberty to take a pause and reflect on my thoughts. I too have anxiety spread across my week as a recurring event on my calendar. It comes up with every mail in my outlook, with every news notification, with every extension on the lockdown. Some days I am furious and other days I am hopeful.

Celebration: Elaborate birthday plans replaced by a day for yourself
Hugs: The only hugs that are safe and permitted these days are the ones with pillows. So, hold them tight!
Binge watch: The hype is real. I want to learn Spanish and sing Bella Ciao with a glass of wine! Watch Money Heist!
WFH: Work from home and working at home is exhausting, take a break. We all need it!
Grow food: Observing a seedling sprout slowly, teaches to acknowledge the effort of growing food.
Recycle: I am giving it a serious thought, do I really need all the things in my cart?
Spent time making a paper lampshade with tapes.
Essentials: During this time the essentials have changed, and we need to adapt. Fast!
Together: Four cups on the table fill me with gratitude, at least I’m with my family.
Move: These days movements are guided by the screens mounted on the tripod
Reading: This is the right time to find your IKIGAI!
This Earth Day, I promise to remember whatever I have learnt during the lockdown.
Nature is powerful
, 60 days of lockdown and counting!

Original illustrations

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