Cafe Recipes

The chef wants to make the experience unique and personalised as she packages each dish with care and precision. The new cafe offers a limited menu for dine-out and delivery with advance booking only. The aim is to create custom illustrated cards to be sent out with each dish exclusively talking about the recipe and the essential ingredients used in the dish. This could also be used as a thank you/ gift note too.

Best print option: Printed on texture paper, size: A5/postcard Medium used: Procreate app, Ipad with apple pencil, Adobe Photoshop

Illustrated card given to the customer during the meal

Illustration decisions

Pink Door Cafe offers a curated menu to its customers. The main target audience between 25-35 years of age, who want to spend on personalised experiences and are eager to try new flavours. Due to its limited slots, its easier to customize the experience. Things to keep in mind while designing:

  • Clean design with lots of personality in terms of textures and patterns.
  • Hand written labels with sans serif font to create a balance between peppy and sophisticated vibe.
  • Recipe card can be saved as an art print.

Baked artichoke recipe card with backside of the card with a thank you note and contact details.
Delicious fresh fig tart being served
Chessy garlic bread recipe card

Recipe card design

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