Art to Design

After a long adventure of bringing my thoughts together, I find myself ready to pen all of them down in my first blog post. I want to start with my favourite story of being an artist to becoming a designer. And how difficult it is to label myself as just one of it. I would like to tell you a bit about the backstory too, which led to this conversation in the first place.

So, let’s begin!

I started as a kid with some natural inclination towards crayons and coloring books, and had quite creative parents, I must say. My idea of art was making cards, going to art classes, participating in competitions and making charts for classes, and well just that. It all started as a hobby. I filled so many sketchbooks copying drawings from calendars, comic books and what not.

Look at the number of sketchbooks πŸ˜›
One of my first attempts at watercolor painting in 2007

Also, not really knowing what my artistic skills should be used for, I completed my 12th board exams and it was the time for the big question- what you want to do!

Well, maybe somewhere close to my heart I knew what I really wanted. And decided to do my bachelors in Applied Arts, from Amity University, and went on to doing my masters in Communication Design from IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay.

It was quite a journey for me and I am grateful of every bit of creative chaos and every anxious night because I evolved through it. As a kid who liked making pretty cards for every occasion to making graphic designs as a young graduate, I learnt to solve problems, to create something of more value for people around me as a student of communication design.

Created poster for office event, illustrate to communicate

At this point, I would say I value the ability to create amazing illustrations but at the same time I value the purpose of those illustrations. I can imagine how young designers everywhere would be struggling with this thought! But i seem to have made my peace here! I sure am an artistic designer, who loves and enjoys solving problems as a designer, as much as creating artworks that are more of a meditation for me.

I believe that’s the beauty of the whole creative process, it’s always a
delicious mix of part unknown and part freedom.

Also, a very big THANK YOU for everyone who made it till the end! I promise to write more and share more πŸ™‚

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